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Work Family is a #100HappyDays Family!

It’s the time of year, where we wake up to frosty windscreens on our cars and -1*C temperatures… yes it’s nearly Chr… No I won’t use that word yet!

This last week I’ve been full of cold and battled on to give 110% but this weekend was my own personal time to relax and catch-up on the addictive series of Stranger Things 2 on Netflix, whilst nursing my painful sinuses and head cold.

Today, I was so pleased to be back in the office and looking after the new Talk Staff Family members, recently joining us on the Talent Academy and showing promise to be amazing consultants in just one week.

The feedback that we have already received has been nothing short of amazing and the word ‘family’ keeps coming up time and time again.


We spend far too much time at work to not appreciate the people we work we, let alone enjoy their company and support each other through both good and bad times.

Attracting people with the right values is an important part of this process, as they not only need to match the values of the rest of the people in the business but they dictate the way that we do business too. With the right culture, this doesn’t just sit within a business but it’s clear to your customers that you want to achieve one big vision.


It’s a vision that I established back in 2009/10 and now more than ever, we have started to truly understand what this means to us.

The powerful understanding of working together to inspire an industry into changing their attitudes to people (their biggest asset) isn’t something that can be ignored.

Working with all of our customers, if we change their mindsets, well ultimately deliver the results that they need… in fact, quite often it’s the results that didn’t expect and that’s the most important part of our journey.


Seeing a Talk Staff Family being created, people that share those same values and ultimately working together to achieve our big vision.

Join me on the #100HappyDay Challenge on here, Twitter or your chosen social media channels.

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