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How to accidently unwind business growth

I was recently involved in presenting to a number of Derbyshire’s high growth businesses at Derby County Football Club on Pride Park and explained the successes as well as challenges I have faced over the last 8.5 years.

In 2014, the UK Government published a report that shown with just 1% of a boost to scale up businesses could add 238,000 jobs and £38bn to GVA in 3 years but has anyone considered the impact of hiring the wrong people into these growing businesses?

Earlier this week I bumped into the Co-Director of one of Derby’s fastest growing businesses in 2017 and they inspired me to write this blog when I agreed with this statement made:

“Hiring the wrong person into a business can set you back at least one year”

Stop! Before you panic and start looking for the ‘perfect candidate’, I’d recommend you look at your business right now and understand the culture you have developed.


  1. What 4 things do you believe in that set you apart from your competitors and most importantly influence the decisions you make when assisting customers each day.
  2. Pick up your values document (if you have one) and rip it up! If you haven’t reviewed it in the last 12 months, the chances are that your business no longer aligns to them.
  3. Identify the behaviours of you best and worst employees, including the best and the worst.

You won’t be alone… I look after lots of businesses who initially approach our organisation for help to grow their business and 9/10 of them think they have a strategy in place to grow but haven’t given any consideration to their people plan.

If you do one thing after reading this blog, then you must start to ask yourself in every business meeting ‘what impact will this have on my people now or in the future… and do I have a strategy in place?”.

If you enjoy my blog articles or want to chat further on how you can positively impact your business growth through and effective people plan then get in touch. Those that know me will say like an excuse for tea and biscuits to meetup!

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