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WHY SHOUT? When you can include an exclamation mark!

Working from home is tough if you’re not used to it.  In 2021, the consequences of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic means that people all over the world are suddenly working from home or stopping altogether and emotions are running high.

The positive – more people have started to use video calling and have more time to talk to each other properly – but many are sticking to emails and that is when frustration kicks in… then, we quickly start to use !’s.

The topic of overusing exclamation marks has been around for some time and I have slowly learnt to read between the lines upon their receipt.  Before you ask – yes, I’ve done it – pointing out to colleagues or customers that their incorrect use of exclamation marks could land you in hot water as they may be “keen to express their opinion” or simply wanting to “make a point”.

Fun Fact / Disclaimer – I’ve never been officially diagnosed (£200-500 for a test?) but those in the know will spot that I’ve struggled with dyslexia since an early age and even now when meeting people for the first time, they’re surprised to hear this.  Some of the most famous entrepreneurs including Richard Branson, Lord Sugar, Anita Roddick, Richard Branson, Jamie Oliver and Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad have this same challenge and overcame their dyslexia to create hugely successful businesses.

Exclamation Mark = Correct Use

When people use to want to shout THEY WOULD TYPE IT IN CAPITALS but this got lost in translation when Auntie Joan used to send all of her text messages from her Nokia 3210 in capitals and couldn’t turn it off for months.

If you learn anything this week, remember that the right communication is key and emphasising your point is easy!

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